How to Cover Education Costs for your Children


Whether you decide to send your children to private or state school, there will still be costs with regards to their schooling. These can vary a lot and as they get older the costs will increase. For example, the costs will start off fairly cheap, just relating to uniform and possibly transport to school. As they get older, they will change schools and that place is more likely to be further away and it is more likely that you will have to pay for transport costs or these will be more expensive. This could be your driving them or it could be a school bus or even a train. The uniform also tends to get more expensive as they get older as well and you will tend to have to buy more as you will need a PE kit as well. You may also have to buy textbooks, revision guides and other resources as well as school bags and pencil cases with all of the stationery and maths equipment. Then you have the expense of university, if they choose to go and even if you get a loan, you will probably have to or want to contribute towards it as well. You will therefore need to think about how you will be able to afford these costs.

Be aware of how much you will need

It is really worthwhile finding out how much everything you need will cost you, it is pretty hard to do this completely accurately but you should be able to make an estimate. You should be able to find out how much uniform will cost in your local uniform shop and make a guess as to how often you will have to replace it. You will also be able to find out how much bags and stationery will cost, although it can be harder to calculate how often they will lose things or need them to be replaced due to them wearing out. The cost of books and resources could depend on what the school requires you to buy as well as what you feel your child will need to help them. However, it should be possible to estimate how much you might need. If you are a high-income family then it is likely that you will have to contribute a lot towards university living costs as well and this could be by far more expensive than anything you pay out for school.

Consider working more once children are in school

If one parent was caring for the children before they started school, then once they start school, they will have some time where they could potentially work and earn some more money which could help out towards the costs. Obviously, if they have more than one child then this could be tricky because they will still have a child or more to look after. However, it is still something that you could consider once all of your children are in full-time education. Trying to find work that fits around the school day can be tough, but there are jobs that you will be able to do such as work that has shifts like supermarkets, work in schools or some types of freelance work. These will all enable you to be able to get some extra money which can help out with the costs of school.

Ask family for help

You might find that family members will be happy to help you out with the costs of school if you ask them. Most people realise the importance of education and they might be happy to help out so that the children can study well and get good results. This may even mean that you will have to ask for them to be given things like school bags, pencil cases and books for gifts. Although the children may prefer other things, it can be a really good way for them to get these items if you find it a struggle to afford them.

Borrow the Money

You could always get a loan to pay for the items that you need. You might need this particularly when they start a new school and you have to buy all the new uniform and PE kit at the same time or if you need to buy them lots of text books or revision guides when they are close to sitting exams. Finding the big lump sum of money could be really tricky and so borrowing the money could be a useful option for you. It is worth working out how much the loan will cost you first though. This is because you will have to pay interest on the loan and possibly other costs to and the amount that you pay will depend on how much you borrow and how long for. Knowing how much it costs will allow you to make a decision as to whether you think that it is a good idea. You will also be wise to find out about the repayments and whether you will be able to afford those.

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